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This poem was sent to us by our friend Kelly and we thought that it was perfect for his Easter Page.

The Easter bunny comes tonight,
And I can't wait to see.
How many chocolate eggs he'll bring,
Especially for me.
I know that you are very sad,
Cause I'm not here with you,
But I have a little idea
Of something you could do.
Buy a lovely egg for me
Or make one if you dare
And break it up on Easter morn
For everyone to share.
Tell them that this egg is mine,
a gift to them from me.
And with every piece of egg you give,
Please share a memory.
Don't remember the shattered dreams,
Or the hopes that live no more.
But remember the joy my short life gave,
Smile and cry, then smile some more.
For memories are all I have
For me to give away,
Proof of my brief existence
On earth anyway.
Death and then eternal life.
This is the Easter weekend.
It did all happen in three short days,
So my life would never end.
by: Sharon Swinney

We would like to wish everybody a very HAPPY EASTER and a special HAPPY EASTER to our son Timothy.