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The next few days I felt like I was in a daze. I kept waiting to wake up from this horrible nightmare that I was having, but I didn't. We were suppose to go to the funeral home and make Timothy's arrangements on Thursday the 17th, but we were so afraid to leave him that we put it off until that Friday. Little did we know that we would have no choice but to make his arrangements on that Friday.

Joe and I went to the funeral home together. When I first learned that Timothy was dying, I had asked Joe to make all the arrangements because I didn't think that I could handle doing it. Well, I decided that since Timothy was our child that both of us should make the arrangements together. I am really glad that I made that decision. We chose to have Timothy put to rest in Lexington Cemetery in their BabyLand section. That is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been to and I am so glad that we picked them.

Since Timothy had died at home, the funeral director had to come and take Timothy to the hospital because we wanted a biopsy done on his lungs just to double check that he did die from Pulmonary Vein Stenous. They were very professional when they came to take our little boy. They wrapped him up in a blanket to keep him warm before they took him outside. I was worried about weither or not I would be able to get Timothy's clothes back that he was wearing when he passed away. So we asked the funeral director to see if they could get them for me.

Over the next couple of days, I had alot of ideas for Timothy's funeral. I wanted two songs played at his funeral, Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton and The Dance by Garth Brooks. We also had a picture of Timothy blown up so that everyone could remember his beautiful smile. I had bought Timothy a new sleeper to be buried in. The one that I picked out was almost identical to the one that he was brought home in. It said "Daddy's Boy" on the chest. Joe took the music and the clothes to the funeral home on Saturday.

The dreaded day finally came. Monday February 21, 2000, Timothy Dakota Hollon was finally laid to rest. His service was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for anything nicer for him. Joe never told me that the funeral home had gotten Timothy's clothes and blanket back for me, and after the service, they gave them to me. All I could do was cry because even though I was happy to get those clothes back, I would have rather of had our son. We got to hold Timothy before the service began. I will never forget holding him. Even though he smelled like embalming fluid, he was still my little boy. We will always love Timothy and he will forever be in our hearts! Timothy showed alot of people pure love in the short time he was here on earth. Now I know he's up in heaven showing everyone up there that gorgeous smile and making them as happy as he did us.

We have been doing ok since Timothy has passed on. We still have good days and bad days but each day seems to get a little easier. Eventually we do plan on having another child, not to replace Timothy (there is no replacing him) but because we always wanted two children. We have now learned that Timothy did in fact die from Pulmonary Vein Stenous. The doctors told us that they couldn't tell us that it won't happen again, but they have never heard of a family where two children of the same parents had this awful and rare disease.
I am hoping that this website lets people know that there are these very rare heart conditions and they do kill our babies. We need to find a cure for these before any other baby dies. I am currently looking in to raising money for heart research and when I have more information I will post it on his website. So please keep checking back for updates.

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