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This page has our letters to Timothy on it.

Dear Timothy,
You came into this world so very innocent. The day you were born was a very special day for us. You were so beautiful and sweet, that I couldn't wait to hold and kiss you. You were so curious, not crying at all, just looking around trying to figure everything out. I knew from the moment I saw you that you would be a very special lil boy and touch many people's lives. I just never imagined that in only 4 short months that you would be able to teach so many people so many things.

Your beautiful face will forever be a memory that I will never forget. You are such a good boy. Never crying for no reason, smiling when you woke up and always making me smile just by looking into you beautiful eyes.

The day you left us to begin your life in heaven without all the medicines and doctors, was a very sad but comforting day for me. I was very sad to lose you because I love you so much and knew that I would miss you more than ever. But it was also comforting for me because I knew that you could finally be a healthy lil boy. No more surgeries, hospitals, doctors, medicines, feeding tubes and all the other unpleasant things that you had to endure in your short life. I will never forget holding you when you came into this world and holding you as you left. I wouldn't trade those precious moments for anything. Except to have you back with us completely healthy.

I could never understand how you were able to stay so strong and happy with all that your lil body was going through. You are the strongest person I know. You picked me to be your mother, and I am so proud to say that I am you mother and always will be. I love you baby boy just as much today as the day I found out I was pregnant with you. Stay sweet and enjoy your new life in heaven. One day we will be together again! Until then just remember that I love you Bubby and miss you lots!

Love Forever,


Dear Timothy,

Writing you this letter is probably the hardest thing that I have ever had to do because I miss you so much. I did not know what life and love really was until you were born. You are my angel and you always will be. Its really hard to understand still why you had to be taken away from me but I know that one day we will be together again and I look forward to that day more than anyone could imagine. You are my heart Timothy. I looked at you and I saw a small version of me. The love in your eyes when you looked back at me was something that I will never ever forget. It was so precious and pure. You loved me as much as I love you. To this day I have never looked at anyone the way that I look at you. I can still feel you in my arms. Snuggling up to my chest as you sleep. So content and happy. That is a feeling that can not be duplicated or matched by anything or anyone. I remember when you were born and I was the first thing you saw as they turned your baby head. I started crying because you were so perfect and you still are. Your big blue eyes could melt the coldest heart and warm any day. I cant tell you enough how much I love and miss you. But what I can tell you Timothy is that one sweet day I will be at your side ready to pick you up when you fall. I have changed so much because of you and you have taught me the meaning of life. It is simple for those who dont know. The meaning of life is love. Not loving just yourself. Its loving others. And Timothy Dakota. I love you.

I can hear you at times. I still know that you are with me as well. This is something that no one else can tell me otherwise. We had many wonderful times together in four months and I can not imagine how wonderful they would have been if you would have been here for fifty years. I cherish every second that we had together and I can not wait till we can spend an eternity together. Will all my heart. I truley love you.

I love you Timothy Dakota Hollon!!!!!

Love always,


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